Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting started with Java Programming

Java is the high level, object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystem. James Goshling is the person who created the Java and it's released in 1995. Java is Write Once, Run Anywhere this means you can run the java program in any platform. Initially Java is originally called Oak and it was specially designed for handheld devices, set-top boxes. In 1995, James goshling changed the Oak into Java.

 In order to become a Java Developer, you've to install some softwares on your machine.

Features :

Platform Independent  

Let's say if you created your java program in one platform( Windows OS ) then you want to show off your project to your friend with his laptop. But he's having Mac Operating System. It's no problem, your project can run on Mac too. Java is platform independent, it can be run on any platform(Windows, Mac, Linux).

Object Oriented

Java is object oriented programming language similar to C++ and it's totally based on the classes & objects. It can be easily extended. Java source codes(.java extension) are compiled into byte code(binary file, .class extension) which can be run on any platform with Java Virtual Machine. By default, most of the operating systems such as windows, mac, linux will have JVM.  


Java is very simple to learn if you understand the concepts of object oriented programming language.


Java is used to create virus free applications. JVM is updated with latest security updates by internet. When the byte codes are executed, the JVM take care of the security. So java is said to be secure.


 Java is robust because it's portable to many operating systems and it has features like memory management, garbage collection and strong type checking mechanism. So the java is called as Robust.

Download Java

In order to start writing your first hello world program, you've to install Java on your PC. Here is the link to download Java. After installing Java, check whether java is installed properly on your machine. In official website, you can learn anything from Java's official documentation to become a Java Developer.

Download JDK

Java Development Kit(JDK) is used for creating java applications. Here's the link to download and then just install it by way of seeing the installation wizard. JDK includes interpreter, java runtime environment(jre), compiler(.javac), documentation, API's and sample programs.

Once you installed JDK, you've to set environment variables on your PC. Right click the icon of Computer -> Advanced system settings(Advanced Tab)

Then click Environment Variable.

  Then enter the variable name and value like above the following image and click ok. Then restart your pc and open the command prompt by way of searching "cmd" in start's searchbar. You'll get a windows command line interface. Just type "javac" and you'll get a list of commands with description then you've successfully installed JDK on your machine.

Finally we installed JDK on our machine. Now you can start writing your first Hello World program in Java. See you in the next tutorial.

Happy Coding...!

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