Saturday, January 7, 2017

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Building Relationships

            It is about your ability and initiate working relationships and to develop and maintain them in a way that is of mutual benefit to both yourself and the other party.
Good relationship are the key to getting things done and are essential when your success is dependent on others.

                                                   "Make relationships the heart of your business"


            Networking, online and off, can be a powerful relationship marketing technique. This isn’t just for job seekers! Think about the interests that you have as a business, and then join groups that share your affinities. This not only helps your brand awareness, but also expands your potential customer base. It’s a win-win. Not to mention that the only tool you’ll need for this is your brain. Pick something you like and keep in mind what people similar to you might enjoy.

Learn about your customer:

            Building customer relationships is much like building rapport as a salesperson.  Just like a good salesperson, you need to know your customer. You must remember the client’s name, their needs and wants.

            The key to learning about your customer is to continue the conversation after the transaction. After the sale, do a little research on them. Connect on network, find commonalities within your industries, connections, job roles and more. Start thinking about ways you can add value to them, whether that be through referrals, forwarding blog posts or offering training sessions.

            In today’s world the easiest way to differentiate your business is by the customer experience you deliver, not the products you sell. Continuously learning about your customer every time you meet will extend your customer relationship beyond ‘hi, how are you’, and will go a long way to improving customer service.

Listen to your customer:

            Listen to your customers! Every business says they do, but not all follow through or apply what they’ve heard. Even listening and responding to compliments can be beneficial. People love knowing they’ve been heard. Even complaints can be a blessing in disguise. People often just want someone to share their concerns with. By listening to these concerns, you ensure that your customers feel valued. Plus, if you learn what people love and dislike about you, you can leverage the feedback to improve your business. 

Stay in regular contact with customer:

            The key to building customer relationships is to keep your eye on the ball. Every interaction with a customer should be treated as an opportunity to monitor and build that relationship.

            By keeping in regular contact, you can track customer sentiments towards your business, and rectify problem areas identified through your regular communication. It’s a frustrating truth that 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain when they’re unhappy, and 91% will simply leave and never return.

            Tracking customer satisfaction can be hard, try using Client Heartbeat. It is a simple customer feedback tool that surveys your customers, measures satisfaction and identifies customers that need immediate attention.

            Here are some ways you can stay in regular contact with customers:

Follow up with customers after meetings by phone, email, or even social media

Send customers friendly reminders to show that you are

Forward through blog posts and videos that would be valuable to your customers

Send customers a monthly email to keep them up to date with what’s going on at your company. Include product news, company news and links to interesting content

Build a brand identity:

            A memorable brand will make it easy for customers to find you and your products. Customers will gravitate toward what they find that is memorable. If your brand resonates, they will likely remember you and you can develop the relationship further. Once you have a strong brand identity, those that wish to become a raving fan will know what you stand for and why they should care.

Build Trust With Customers:

            There are few ways to build trust in your customer relationships:

Show compassion in your actions affecting the relationship

Be honest, credible and keep your integrity 

Show you have the competence to act for the mutual benefit of your relationship

              It’s essential to exhibit these characteristics, because trust diminishes the perceived risk and vulnerability in a partnership, leading to increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn. If you don’t act in your customer’s best interests, lie to hide your flaws and make heaps of dumb mistakes, your customer will realize you can’t be trusted, and abandon your business relationship.

Practice Inbound Marketing:

            Traditional ‘Outbound Marketing’ has focused on going to where customers live and interrupting their day to show them your products and services.  When you practice Inbound Marketing, customers come to you. It’s commonly known as ‘pull-marketing’ as opposed to ‘push-marketing’ and is a great tactic to help with building customer relationships.

            This can be achieved by creating really valuable content that solves your customers real-world problems. Use mediums like blog posts, videos, eBooks. Share your content on the web through social media and by engaging in relevant online communities. Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing and is a generally considered a lead generation tool. I believe it can actually help you build stronger customer relationships. It keeps the conversation going by feeding customers useful content.

Special Event:

             Holding a special event for your existing or prospective customers is a great way to build relationships. If you put on a great event about a topic that your customers care about, they will remember that experience and  remember your business. Likely, they will rave about the event you held and how great it was. You can also leverage exclusivity here by holding an event for your top customers. It’s a way to add incentive, but it is also a way to simply thank your customers.

             There you have it! These points were helpful to build relationships in Marketing. For more information stay touch with our site.