Saturday, January 14, 2017

2-D Design

What Is 2-D design?

             The 2d design is the one that is composed of only two dimensions. Which is considered by length and width. There are many elements and principles are applies to 2-D design. Length and width of design refer simply to the horizontal and vertical aspects of the piece. An artist or designer can apply artistic elements and principles that change the nature of 2-D design


            The ground plan is a two dimensional design where, as long as it is designed with the right scale. To imagine how a floor plan looks like, is enough to think a building cut in the middle with a horizontal section and we subtract the top. The floor plans are necessary designs to make the section, the view, the axonometric but also the visualization of a building.


            The section is a two dimension drawing that is concluded if we cut the building in the middle and vertical with direction to the left or to the right side.The section is useful so that to be shown building details, like steps, doors, windows, special structures, plasterboards etc.


               The view doesn’t have a big difference from the section. The only difference is that the section’s show is concluded if we “cut” the building with a vertical line whereas the view’s show is concluded if we stand in front, at the back or on one side and we look towards the building.